Latest Advancement in Upstream Reproductive Physiological Techniques

National Training on “Latest Advancement in Upstream Reproductive Physiological Techniques” under IDP, ICAR is going to organize during 16th - 18th Sept. 2019 by Dept. of Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry, College of Veterinary Science and A.H., JAU, Junagadh


Series of lectures will be delivered by invited experts from 16th to 18th September 2019 and hands-on training on Identification of male and female genitelia of buffalo, Retrieval of oocytes from slaughtered buffalo ovaries, In Vitro Maturation, In Vitro Fertilization will be given to participants on from 16th to 18th September 2019 by experts. Students and staff of different colleges and staff will be benefited with lectures and hands-on training on various advanced reproductive Physiological techniques.