National Webinar on "Agriculture Residue and Waste Utilization for Energy Generation"

Event Name :
National Webinar on "Agriculture Residue and Waste Utilization for Energy Generation"
Event Venue :
Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh through online platform
Contact person details :
Dr. P. M. Chauhan
Co-PI (IDP) & Registrar

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Event Date :
16-03-2021 To 17-03-2021
The national webinar envisages to enhance the knowledge of undergraduate students in the field of agricultural residue management, recent advanced technologies for energy generation from agricultural waste, research techniques, traits to improve in agricultural crop residue management, and what are the role of industries in bioenergy generation.
Pre Event Description :
Earlier agriculture biomass and waste were either burnt or naturally converted into organic fertilizer under favourable condition. But now it is used to generate energy because it carries great potential for that. In India more than 683 million tonnes (Mt) of crop residues of different crops are produced, of which a major part is used as fodder, fuel, and in various industrial processes. Despite this, about 178 Mt of surplus crop residues are available around the country. An estimated 87 Mt of surplus crop residues is burnt in different croplands. It is estimated that the burning of crop residues in-situ releases about 627 kilotonnes (Kt) of PM10 and 4677 Kt of carbon monoxide to the atmosphere annually in India. A successful strategy is required to mitigate the challenges and also required to develop a road map for sustainable utilization of crop residues. This can be achieved by encouraging farmers to switch to other cropping cycles, to promote conservative farming all over the country (like lower lignin (<20%) crops) for rice, wheat, maize, sugarcane to reduce soil compaction and to maintain soil fertility, utilization of crop residues in state-level power plants, enable mechanism of crop residue biomass aggregation, create a market for crop residue-based briquettes, decentralized use of crop residues e.g. gasification, biochar etc. In view of this to keep the students and faculty updated with recent advanced technologies, achievements, and research techniques, traits to improve in crop residue management, the two days’ national webinar is proposed.
Target Group: Academicians,Scholars,Scientist,Students,Subject Experts