National Webinar on ‘Post COVID-19 Agribusiness – Challenges and Opportunities’

Event Name :
National WEBINAR on ‘Post COVID-19 Agribusiness – Challenges and Opportunities’ at JAU, Junagadh
Event Venue :
Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh, Gujarat
Contact person details :
Dr. P. M. Chauhan
Co-PI (IDP) & Registrar
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Event Date :
13-06-2020 To 14-06-2020
Objective:To overcome the adverse effect of COVID-19 outbreak in agriculture
Pre Event Description :
In India, agriculture accounts for nearly 60% of aggregate employment therefore, it is obvious concern over what will happen in the future, especially agribusiness post covid-19. To boost healthy production and revenue, agriculture cannot survive only on traditional methods but extensively needs technology intervention to resolve various pre/post-harvest Agri-chain problems. India is home to more than 450 agri-tech start-ups, growing at a rate of 25% annually has received more than Rs.1800 crores in funding, which is a clear indication of industry’s growth potential. Post covid-19 will no doubt be a full of challenges, with various issues to resolve. However, with greater investor interest and government partnerships, agri-tech companies can surely address immediate problems that threaten the agriculture sector. Fundamental issues of agriculture production system are responsible for inadequate performance of the agriculture sector. Only advanced agri-technology like GIS, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, remote sensing, data analytics and various Internet of Thing (IoT) devices can fill this gap quickly. Agribusiness can be developed through farmer-producer organisations (FPO) and farmer-producer companies (FPC). Moreover, precision farming methods will pave the way for optimising cost of production and productivity. With all its downsides, COVID-19 may also create new opportunities in agriculture and allied sectors. Policies and programmes in the sector will be the thrust areas post-COVID-19. The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector, which has been badly affected by the COVID-19 crisis, is making an effort to promote agribusiness and the agri-industrial sector but they need location specificity and market-centred production strategies. Appropriate market linkage is necessary to make agricultural operations viable and sustainable. Moreover, it requires good agricultural practices, technology, and methods. The deliberation by experts during the National Webinar on “Post Covid-19 agribusiness: Challenges and Opportunities” organized by the Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh will guide farmers, entrepreneurs, educationists, researchers, students, policy makers and other stakeholders how to overcome the post covid-19 challenges and transform it into better opportunities with proper health safety measures.
Target Group:Employees,Others,Scientist,Students